What do the Nobel Peace Prize and homemade soap have in common?

Besides the fact that certain Nobel Peace Prize winners have spent their lives fighting the grime on Earth, and soap is a cleaning agent, these two items don’t have much in common. The websites I found, which give more information on these topics, have few similarities as well. Nobelprize.org is a completely well designed website, while millersoap.com could benefit from some adjustments.

Nobelprize.org is colorful, well organized, free, stocked with reliable information, user friendly, and packed with a variety of multimedia. It has a node for searching the site, and also has educational games for children. My favorite part of the website is the video interviews they have done with some of the Nobel Prize winners. It is a perfect place to find both primary and secondary sources, and a great asset when instructing students on how to utilize various types of multimedia in their research. It is also updated regularly and can be followed via Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. You never know when something new will be there, but you can always count on it being worth your time.

Although the content on millersoap.com is quite interesting, it seems to need some organization. After browsing through the recipes on making soap, I have almost become curious enough to attempt a batch myself. When perusing the site, it reminded me of the way my desk begins to look  at school during a busy week. There are stacks great materials on my desk, but there are things there which do not belong, and the items which are supposed to be on the desk are not in the correct place. The website, about soap, has random information about gardening, family photos, and ads for selling a neighbor’s German shepherds.  When you select a link for making soap, it transfers to a seemingly endless page of recipes. It is difficult to navigate, and would also benefit from some color adjustments as well.


One thought on “What do the Nobel Peace Prize and homemade soap have in common?

  1. I agree that the Nobel’s website is very clean…although I do have a minor pet peeve that as an International organization, it seems to only be available in English. I looked everywhere on their page for translate buttons (no luck…), and even searching for it on http://www.google.fra brought up the English version…which Chrome nicely translated (and retained the formatting for!), but no Nobel languages.

    The soap website…well…probably was extremely cutting edge 5-10 years ago, but the aesthetic of internet sites has changed dramatically over the last 5-10 years. I especially enjoyed the flash animation of “No Lye…no soap…” which was very cute….but ultimately very distracting. A bit of modernization would really help here!

    Thanks for sharing!

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