Shell Shocked Reviews

Browsing websites is always enjoyable for me, and I especially like to critique college websites. I am able to learn an extensive amount about website design from various school webpages. Most are very well put together, and they all have so many things to advertise. Since there is a lot of information to communicate, it is extremely important for the site to be  well organized.  Houghton College, where my wife attended school, has an excellent website. Their slide show is currently highlighting pictures which portray the school motto. Down the center, there are thumbnail images with a caption. A small summary of the linked article apppears below the caption and is sufficient information for those without the time to read the article in its entirety. There is also a virtual tour which can be accessed on the left sidebar. It is a wonderful advertisement of campus life, and vividly portrays opportunities at Houghton College. Ease of use, well placed graphics, and user friendly text make this website a joy to visit.

However, if you are looking for some shells,don’t spend your time sifting through the poor layout of Shell World’s Website. The site has some interesting pictures, and I can testify from personal experience that the store itself is rather neat. Unfortunately, the website would be much more attractive if everything was centered on the page. The site needs some tables with cell padding in order to add structure to the layout and separate the etxt form the images. According to Richard Mayer’s article on cognitive processing, a short caption right near the image would reduce cognitive load and enhance the processing of information. The one caption I did notice on the site was actually incorrect. In order to reduce extraneous distractions, it would be beneficial to eliminate so many different text colors. Even with these minor setbacks, it is still very obvious what the store is all about.


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