Where do you go to get your daily science fill?

One website which could offer you a wide variety of science to fill perhaps any need you may have is http://www.sciencedaily.com/ . This is quite a fascinating website, and I plan on learning a lot from it. It contains examples of good web design I would like to imitate, and some pitfalls of poor design I plan on avoiding.

I can only hope that someday my website will contain a tenth of the information on the Science Daily site. There is a plethora of material to sift through, but therein lies a few of the problems with the site itself. The prospect of having to sift through a site to find exactly the right content is quite daunting. I do however envy the drop-down menu tab and plan on copying the idea for my website.

Websites should be designed for easy access to whatever a web surfer may be looking for. Thankfully, the greatest objection I had with this website is one I do not have to worry about. There is an overabundance of ads. The ads completely replace the header, take up space in the side bar, and are even right down the middle of each page on the site. This causes the text to be rather difficult to focus on. It is just an extra load of unnecessary, distracting, extraneous information. Since the website has so many articles, the webmaster should consider a more efficient way of organizing them. Finding an article relevant to the link clicked on the index page requires much more time than most internet users will give. When building a website, it is important to think of any possible future expansions and design with those in mind.

I would definitely use http://www.sciencedaily.com/ for a starting point, but I would not use it in the classroom or as a model of amazing web design. I did not even begin to read all the articles to judge their content, but the site does contain a vast library and a good amount of links to other resources. Therefore, this site is one to get a science fill from, if you need some fast website food with lots of ads/carbs; hopefully, my site will be the homemade meal.


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