Millennium Village Simulation

Millennium Village Simulation is a project developed to simulate life in a modern day sub-Saharan African village. The user makes economic decisions, fights diseases, and attempts to help a family survive in this harsh environment. I chose this simulation, because I feel it drives users to truly consider what it would be like to live in a completely different culture, location, and socioeconomic status. I’m currently working with my school’s elementary national honor society, and although this simulation may be a little too complex for them to tackle, it would be interesting to see what ideas they would have for helping a village like this after trying the simulation for themselves. The simulation teaches students themes in economics such as supply and demand, taxation, and investment in small business. It also helps students develop complex causal networks of why survival is such a struggle for small villages in this millennium. Hypermedia is utilized in this simulation in many ways. Students can interact with the text, link between the family and the village they are attempting to save, and the graphics assist in making mental images for  the statistical feedback the user in receiving. The simulation could be used with student government groups, economics classes, or classes interested in current world events. I have not yet accomplished the grand task of saving the family, but I am looking forward to trying the simulation out again soon.


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