Dropbox and Cooperative Learning

For those of you familiar with Dropbox and cooperative learning, you may be wondering how they will fit into the same article, and for the rest, check out Dropbox to download a useful and FREE tool for collaborating and problem solving. Dropbox is a program which gives 2 GB of storage space on the web to users who download and install the program. Benefit one of dropbox occurs when the users downloads the program on more than one electronic device, whether that is an Ipod touch, a tablet, laptop, or desktop. The files are saved not only on the web, but they are synchronized to each device. This is a fantastic way to store files that you may need to access in multiple places, and especially useful if you find yourself in a location without the internet. Yes, there are still those medieval locations.

Cooperative learning can be enhanced by sharing a folder with another Dropbox user. Since it’s just like any other folder that would appear on your computer, the files you put into this folder do not need to have any specific type and they can be up to 2 GB. This versatility in a free program is phenomenal, and I have used it more than once when working on a video with a partner or writing a script for a play. There is no more attaching the file to an e-mail, constant downloading of files, lost flash drives, or lengthy upload times. Simply save the file to the shared folder and move on with life.  The benefits of learning with others and constructing things together are endless. Dropbox eases the burden of sharing these ideas and enhances our ability to collaborate for higher quality and greater learning.


One thought on “Dropbox and Cooperative Learning

  1. Great application for Dropbox! In our technology age, there is no better method of cooperative collaboration.

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